TNCMC CGS Cup 15th September 2019

The Caribbean Golf Society (CGS) rolls on. After 13 years since it’s inception, the Society continues to evolve with original and new faces gathering each year to contest the various cups attributed to each match played throughout the season.

September was the month allocated for the TNCMC Cup in memory of Herbert Morris a young black soldier who was shot a dawn on the 20th September 1917 for desertion. So on Sunday 15th Walsall Golf Club, Walsall, West Midlands was host for this annual event, with the gathering of 36 players participating and expecting as normal a hotly contested event.

Participating Players

The 1st team out, enjoying the challenges

With the sunshine of the Caribbean greeting the players, the course was very good, and the usual banter associated with Caribbean communal gathering was evident thus setting the scene for an enjoyable dayThere were a few people who played as guests, including Dr Josh Johnson MBE, Carl Douglas and myself Don Campbell (returnee members of CGS) who very much enjoyed the hospitality of the current CGS Committee and members.

The CGS has been very supportive to TNCMC over the years and this golf event was no exception. The suggestion of donating £20 for each birdie to TNCMC was a genius idea, which was suggested by Roan.  The CGS Committee very generously decided to pay £20 per birdie (maximum of 10) with some individuals who voluntarily agreed to donate the same if they get birdies.

There were a total of 15 birdies. Marvellous!!!

TNCMC Cup presented to Errol Murray (left) by Don Campbell Chairman TNCMC.

The battle for the honours commenced, ultimately resulting in a very close fought contest for the top 3 places. With congratulations going to 2019 new member Errol Murray taking the honours by a single point.

The banter and camaraderie was at it usual best with kind and cutting comments, together with the excellent catering. It was a marvellous day where all in attendance benefited in one way or another. The Caribbean Golf Society saw yet another successful turn out and TNCMC received some much needed funds, a total £340 (£200 from CGS for 10 birdies & £140 from individual who freely donated after scoring a birdie, including one person who donated and he didn’t get a birdie).

The CGS Chairman, Earl Harris (Junior) requested that I updated everyone present, especially for the benefit of new members, about the purpose of TNCMC and where we are with the campaign presently. It became obvious that there is still a huge appetite for the Monument to be achieved.

 A wreath will be laid on the grave (in Belgium) of Private Herbert Morris on the morning of the 20th September (for the 3rd consecutive year) on behalf of TNCMC, and a 2 minutes silence will be observe via WhatsApp.

A massive thanks to all members concerned for your very kind donations and biggest thanks to the Caribbean Golf Society Committee for your continued support to The National Caribbean Monument Charity (TNCMC) and long may it continue.

Blog by: Don Campbell
17th September 2019