96-year-old World War 2 Veteran accesses the world with a gift of a laptop.

Jamaican Mr Albert Jarrett, World War 2 Veteran, Royal Air Force.

Mr Albert Jarrett, age 96, a Jamaican-born, World War 2 Royal Air Force Veteran, and a staunch member of The National Caribbean Monument Charity (TNCMC), was absolutely delighted on receiving a laptop from Mr Bevil Williams, Director, REPC Limited a Sandwell-based IT recycling and repurposing social enterprise business.

Mr Jarrett was overjoyed and he said: "with this device I can access the world much easier and quicker, especially now that I am able to join the many Zoom meetings I am invited to. I am also now being able to keep in touch with family and loved-ones during the current COVID-19 pandemic much easier.

Mr Jarrett was indeed very grateful and appreciative of such an outstanding gesture from Mr Williams.

 Mr Williams said:

"Now that we are about to enter the second lockdown of COVID-19 I was more than happy to gift this laptop to Mr Jarrett to enable him the freedom he craves to link with the outside world, and even more delighted to have met such an iconic gentleman and veteran of World War 2".

 Left to right Royal Air Force Veteran Donald Campbell (Chair TNCMC)  Albert Jarrett,World War 2, Royal Air Force Veteran & Bevil Williams, Director, REPC Limited. 

Donald Campbell said:

 “ As the Gatekeeper for Mr Jarrett, I noticed how keen he was on using the internet and keeping up with online meetings.  However, his frustration with his ageing computer was evident when, on numerous occasions, he tried unsuccessfully to connect to the outside world for the many interviews with the media such as BBC TV, newspapers etc. In conversation with Mr Williams, I happened to mention Mr Jarrett’s plight and he was immediately captivated by Mr Jarrett’s trail-blazing achievements. I was surprised and delighted when Mr Williams said he would gift a laptop to Mr Jarrett. I promptly set up a meeting for both gentlemen to meet; the deed was done and the mission was accomplished. A massive thank you to Mr Williams for making two Veterans very happy”.


Blog by Don Campbell

Nov 2020