Herbert Morris Walk 20th September 2020. 

A 2-mile walk was a joyous event to complete a day of remembrance to Private Herbert Morris.  We have, to date, received most of the sponsorship money, but It is often the case that it is much harder to collect the money than to do the actual event. However, massive thanks to all who participated and supported this event in any way shape or form. 

The amount raised to date is £1230 by the following people who participated in the 2 mile walk. The teams were:


The Litchfield Posse, led by Theresa Kilbride (family and friends Millie Kilbride, Anne Browning and Ray Morrison)


Team Wolves, Josh Johnson and Sandra Patterson. 

Team Brummy, (Left to right) Shiv Chand, Jatinder Ghataora, Donald Campbell, Paul Rose, Kenneth Straun, Sonya LaTouche and her daughter Sofia-Mae LaTouche-Gregory and Patrick Ward. 

Many, many thanks again to all who supported this event and apologies if I missed mentioning the name anyone who completed the walk. I must also say a very big thank you to those who donated to the cause with special mention to Mrs Nelson, now in her 80s, who managed to encouraged over a dozen of her family and friends to donate in aid of this wonderful campaign. The National Caribbean Monument Charity, aims to install a monument in the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire in recognition of British Caribbean Servicemen and women. 

Blessings to you all. 

Blog by Don Campbell 

Nov 2920.