Team TNCMC took part in The Charity Walk For Peace event at Milton Keynes on Sunday 30th June 2019, and picnic afterwards, proudly representing the British Armed Forces. 

                           Team registered and ready to go

At the start waiting for the ceremony to begin with all the dignitaries.

It was a great opportunity also to network with dignitaries (Mayors, politicians and others) demonstrating that our diverse communities can work together for a harmonious and peaceful Britain and abroad.

Representive dignitaries giving opening speech (Mayors, Politicians & others)
One of the participants was the International Association of Ahmadi Architects & Engineers (IAAAE) who have impacted lives in several African countries.

TNCMC Team keeping an eye on the proceedings before opening the Walk.

A beautifull day "SERVING HUMANITY" with the The National Caribbean Monument Charity, Kings African Rifles, the Royal West African Frontier Force and The Sierra Leone Battalion Standards on display.


A day to remember for many reasons, such as awareness, raising funds and having fun with over 4,000 participants.

A memory pose with some of the dignitaries  

Finding our way around the course 

                                              So that's where we are!

                                          Pitstop, great!

                           Lets set up and wait for the walkers to arrive.

Yes, definitely an event to remember, walked for charity, watered and fed, and a medal to commemorate it, great!!!!

                                      What an impact!

                A TNCMC Ambassador networking, as he does so well.

A new found friend and enthusiast of TNCMC

            One to remember with the High Sheriff, medals and all.

A day to remember for many reasons,  including a community event supported by a diverse range of ethnicity, from infants to grandparents,  emanating a warmth and ambiance of kindred spirit.  The good weather and the enthusiasm of over 4,000 people was great.

Big thanks to Charity Walk For Peace Team for their dedication, hard work and endeavour to organise such a massive event.  An even bigger thanks to all TNCMC Menbers concerned for their support on the day and otherwise, including raising just under £1,000, which we hope will be match funded by the Charity Walk For Peace Association. 

Many blessings to everyone and one love.

Blog by: Ron Lisk-Carew & Don Campbell