Children of the Sun Summer School 12th & 18th August 2020

Children of Summer school asked TNCMC Representative Donald Campbell 20 questions.

An impromptu opportunity germinated in the moments before a scheduled presentation of The National Caribbean Monument Charity (TNCMC) on 12th August 2020.   While waiting for my appointment, I struck up a conversation with Marcia Anderson, founder and coordinator of Children of the Sun Summer School.  Marcia asked if I could speak to her summer school attendees that day as it would provide extracurricular learning for the 7 – 15 year olds.   Delighted, I immediately accepted her invitation to engage with this most precious captive audience. 

The children were challenged to ask 20 questions in order to discover my current and past profession. Bursting with enthusiasm, their hands raised eagerly, posing numerous questions. Their interest and excitement to learn about an unusual subject was evident.


Eager pupils asking questions

The children quickly figured out my current profession as a chauffeuring company director and also my previous occupation as an RAF Serviceman.  My Royal Air Force experience soon became the kid’s focal interest point. 


The questions were almost endless, many more than 20.

They learned the main difference between the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force as being sea going, land based and airborne respectively. They further learned that the 3 divisions are collectively called the Armed Forces with the Royal Navy being the oldest and the Royal Air Force, the youngest.  It was important to inform the children that the Armed forces defend our nation and prevent wars so that we can all remain free. 

The children learned that sailors serve in the Royal Navy, soldiers serve in the Army and airmen and airwomen serve in the Royal Air Force.  Collectively, they are called Service Personnel or Servicemen and women.


The class observing and learning about life in the military

The questioning led to The National Caribbean Monument Charity (TNCMC) and its mission to recognise their grandparents or relatives who served in the military. The charity seeks to establish a monument for Caribbean Servicemen and women at the National Memorial Arboretum - the UK’s living centre of remembrance in Staffordshire.


Absorbing and enquiring minds, eager to learn


 Left to right: Joseph Lion (Parent), Ashanti Anderson (Teacher) Donald Campbell (TNCMC Representative) & Marcia Anderson (Founder/Coordinator)


Children on parade after class, learning to salute


TNCMC Rep Donald Campbell explaining the TNCMC Standard

Demonstration and explanation of TNCMC Monument design

Children of The Sun Summer School learning of the past, present and future.

This was a marvellous experience where learning certainly flourished.  It is vitally important that youngsters appreciate their rich heritage and the valiant contributions made by their predecessors in defending the liberties enjoyed  today.

It was hugely rewarding to raise the awareness of these young minds in understanding the proud legacy they are called to build on.  It was refreshing to observe the innocence of these youngsters who appeared unfettered and unduly influenced by our heavily biased and often cynical world.  Education from the earliest age is critical to unification of mind and soul of mankind. 

Children of the Sun Summer School is Marcia’s wonderful initiative to bridge the gap on Saturdays and between school terms, exacerbated now by COVID-19. My visit was so successful that a second visit to the school on 18 August occurred allowing me to follow up on the children’s retention and also present visual aids of both the military and charity. 

For more information about the school Marcia Anderson can be contacted on 07933823505 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Blog by Don Campbell 

Aug 2020