Visit to Sculptor Martin Jennings Workshop 25th June 2020

Pauline, Barbara, Mr Jarrett and myself visited Martin Jennings the Sculptor at his workshop. 

Left to right: Pauline Milnes TNCMC Trustee, Martin Jennings Sculptor, Donald Campbell Chair TNCMC, Albert Jarrett & Barbara Campbell TNCMC Members.

Left: Emma Lavender, Martin's partner, is an expert stonecarver. She will carve the palm trees and the Combined Services badge on the monument.

Martin and Emma were very accommodating in showing us the first stage of the model which TNCMC have commissioned. Martin has modelled the scale figures representing the different branches of the Services that will stand on the scale-model of the monument.

The model will be a miniature version of the TNCMC monument. We were able to scrutinise all the individual pieces, as per the design. The figures, 3 x male and 1 x female, each 5 inches high, representing the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Auxiliary Territorial Service. Each figure depicting the feature of a Caribbean person and the finish will be in dark bronze. 

Living WW2 Veteran Mr Albert Jarrett

Mr Albert Jarrett, age 96, WW2 Veteran of the Royal Air Force, looking on deep in thought, was absolutely delighted to be included in this visit.  Along with everyone present he witnessed the embryonic stage of a monument to recognise the contributions of British Caribbean Service men and women to Britain, for past, present and future generations. It is hoped that the required funding will be raised soonest to make Mr Jarret's dream a reality in his lifetime. 

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A view of the outside of the Workshop.


The symbolic palm trees with a Tri-Service crest have been modelled by Emma.

The architectural model will be approximately 3 feet in length and 1 foot high. It is proposed to progress to the next stage of creating the full architectural model as soon as possible. 

Blog by Don Campbell 

June 2020