Members of TNCMC celebrated the 75th VE DAY Anniversary with a fundraising challenge on the 8th May  

COVID19 restricted us all from doing normal activities, out in the community, which meant funds for our Charity became even more of a challenge.  

However, we decided to do a VE DAY 75 challenge by carrying out activities within the confines of our home or lockdown restrictions.  So on the 8th we set about raising whatever funds we could by performing various activities as follows:


Donald Campbell - Organiser

Activity - Played Squash by hitting the ball against the wall 75 consecutive hits


Don Campbell VE DAY Squash Challenge

Dr Josh Johnson (TNCMC Ambassador)

Activity - Planted Corn, Cucumber & Runner Beans (total 75)

 Josh Johnson planting his vegeatables

Kenneth Straun - (TNCMC Supporter)

Activity - 75 press-ups & 75 sit-ups, plus working in his allotment for 75 minutes.


Ionie Robinson (TNCMC Ambassador)

Activity - Juggled balls for 7.5 minutes 


 Ionie Robinson Joggling balls

Greg Griffith (TNCMC Member)

Activity - Identifying Caribbean Islands flags, each one sent to him costed him £1.75 as a donation.


Rendal Scott (TNCMC Supporter)

Activity - identifying Caribbean Islands flags, each one sent to him costed him £1.75 as a donation


Noel Braithwaite (TNCMC Supporter)

Activity - Baked Coconut Turnover cake in 75 minutes


 Noel (Snowey) Braithwaite the baker of Turnover Coconut Cakes


 Recipe for Turnover Cocunut Cakes


Ready to eat Turnover Cononut Cakesdoing his football skill


Treyvan Campbell (my grandson, age 6)

Activity - football skills for 75 seconds (coordinated and videod by his Dad Gavin)

 Treyvan Campbell doing his football skills

One TNCMC Member set himself a challenging activity of eating 75 biscuits in 7.5 minutes, live on Zoom. He did not declare the type of biscuits, which left my mind wondering if they were going to be my old school favourites 'Jam Doggers'. However, due to unforeseen circumstances he was unable to make the challenge on the day. He, however, donated to the cause.

I set up a Zoom meeting on the day and the following people joined my meeting.

  1. Donald Campbell (Chairman TNCMC, wife Barbara, TNCMC Member, as camera person videoing his Squash challenge, live)
  2. Greg Griffith (TNCMC Member)
  3. Kylie (daughter with grandson Caleb)
  4. Dr Josh Johnson  (TNCMC Ambassador, with his daughter Natalie videoing his articultural skills, live)
  5. Ionie Robinson (TNCMC Ambassador)
  6. Frank Gentles (TNCMC Member)
  7. Noel Braithwaite (TNCMC Supporter)

Amount Raised £1023.50 (not including Gift Aid or unknown donations)

This was a fund day with people enjoying various activities, doing things they would not have done normally. The activities provided at least a minor distraction from the dreaded COVID19, whilst raising funds for a very good cause, The National Caribbean Monument Charity.

The day's event was definitely aided by the BBC 1 TV international coverage and Newstyle Radio 98.7, LJ's Program on the 6th May. It was an excellent TV coverage and wonderful radio interview about the VE DAY Veterans, and the campaign of TNCMC.

A massive thanks to all, especially those who participated and donated. Your actions and deeds will make a big difference in getting this monument built and erected, hopefully in the lifetime of our remaining WW2 Veterans. Blessings

Please follow this link if you wish to donate:

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