Reverend Samuel and members of his congregation were very keen to meet members of TNCMC because of the publicity of our charity given to them by Mr Albert & Mrs Shirley Jarret.  We were therefore invited to present TNCMC on the 26th May 2019. 

Rev Samuel

A photo after the Service

We were welcomed warmly with friendly greetings and hospitality throughout our time at the church.  The service on the day was poinient and based on the contributions of others to enable freedom for future generation.  TNCMC was given the opportunity to explain about its creation and existance, aims and objective, which was very well received.

It was evident that Mr and Mrs Jarrett are very well thought of by members of this church who kindly donated in the TNCMC collection box placed at the church over time 

Refreshment was provided after the service with the opportunity to network and express our thanks and appreciation to Rev Samuel and members of Saltley Methodist Church.