Black History Month (BHM) was launched in associtation with Phoenix Newspape, Symphony Hall and the Royal Air Force on the 1st October 2019. It was a prestigious gathering of invited guests to kick start BHM which was a very fitting occasion. This was a short but very effective launch, giving a voice to many and ears to all who attended. 

There were representatives from a variety of organisations, art, music, military, business etc, and with the media present it certainly provided the opportunity to record experiences of many who were in attendance. The Phoenix Newspaper Newsletter:

The National Caribbean Monument Charity (TNCMC) was also given a voice to make the world at large aware that the steep history of support from Caribbean military personnel to Britain, over centuries, must be recognised and remembered. Link to PhoEnid video:

Maximum credit to Marcia McLaughlin, Managing Editor The Phoenix Newspaper, for her fortitude and endeavour in her quest to link the community, locally and nationally, via this media. It is extremely commendable and I would encourage any and everyone to support her in continuing her vision.

This was a great launch which also advertised the comming Phoenix Gala Ball 16th November 2019 where TNCMC will be given the chance to make the audience aware of our campaign.    

Blog by Don Campbell 

Oct 19